Our sensitisation workshops are of 2 hour duration, for a fee of Rs.100/- participant only. These workshops are part of our act of giving back to the society. These workshops aim to create awareness among the public on various issues, related to self development as well as social well being.

Handling Aggression Effectively

This workshop helps participants to identify their pattern of aggression and simple techniques to handle the same effectively. Education and Disability Dilemma of caregivers – Participants get an insight into what exactly is inclusive education and how it empowers children with special needs.

Empowering our Children from Sexual Abuse

Insight into POCSO Act – Moving Beyond Safe and Unsafe Touch – Child sexual abuse is beyond safe and unsafe touch. This workshop creates awareness on the less spoken facts of abuse and about the POCSO Act.

Rights of Persons with Mental Illness

Do persons suffering from mental illness have any right with regard to their own care/ their property/ their career? This workshop provides an insight into this aspect.

Careers in Psychology and Social work

This workshop has been conceptualized to provide a clear understanding of the different career options in psychology and social work and also highlights the personal prerequisites that will be an advantage in these fields.


Protection of Women from Sexual Harassment at Workplace, Every adult needs to be aware of how women are protected from sexual harassment at workplace. This workshop explains the Act and also the process of filing a report, in case of an unpleasant experience.

Healthy Interpersonal Relationship

This workshop guides participants towards maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships.

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