Project Prayog, launched in 2019 is an income generation project for Sahayam Charitable Trust which is non funded.

Important features of Prayog –

  • Income will be generated out of products that are created out of waste. The same will be received through donation. So zero investment.
  • Volunteers will initially be used for creating products and in the second phase, youth / women from the community will be employed on a freelance basis for creation and for selling the products. Involving special needs youth will also be considered.
  • Corporates, malls, organisations will be contacted for purchase of the products.
  • Hobby classes will be started in order to test the product creation and also create volunteers for the project.
  • This entire activity will also in the long run, create employment.
  • This project will contribute towards creating environment friendly activities.

As a first phase, the following activities have been planned:

  • Old Newspaper Collection – The same will be sold and the money will go in for Bachpan Vikasati Project.
  • Old Newspaper Collection – The same will be used to make paper bags.
  • Spring and Summer Camps for children – The fee collected will go to Trust; the products created during these camps in 2019, will be used as samples for finalising income generating activity.
  • Fabric Collection – Waste fabric and old jeans will be collected from donors and boutiques to recreate products to be sold.
  • Sale of salt lamps, crystal products – Salt lamps, crystal trees, jewellery, all of which are also from natural sources, will be purchased and sold at a profit and the profit will go to the Trust.
  • Products Creation – at present, products to be created are paper bags, jeans bags, pouches, cloth bags and pouches. – Here, there is no investment for raw material; while in 2019, attempt will be made to create the same and sell the same through volunteers, the objective will also be to convert this into a skill development cum employment opportunity for special needs and women.
  • The workshops that are being conducted since 2015 for Rs.100/- per person will continue but will be upscaled, with regard to frequency and number of registrations.

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