Dawn (Bachpan Vikasati)

Dawn (Bachpan Vikasati) is a project that focuses on sensitizing adults on the non-touch forms of child sexual abuse (CSA). Why non-touch forms of CSA one might ask? We feel that while there has been an increase in awareness among people regarding CSA, most of it focuses on the sexual assault of the penetrative kind. Through our experience of interaction with clients, we have found that the non-touch forms are also responsible for a lot of trauma. We found that this issue is still not addressed as clearly. So, we have made it our mission to educate adults about such forms of CSA.

But, why is it so important to talk about it? Whenever any of these cases are discussed, the most common reactions are:

  • How could he/she do that?
  • Why would someone do that to a child?
  • She/he should be punished severely or hanged even.

What is common to all the statements above? The commonality is that they focus solely on the abuser. The victim or the abused is completely ignored (although you feel bad and have goose bumps that something like that can occur in our society). So we are attempting to help people understand what CSA is, how to look out for it and what should be done in case something has happened.

Research studies indicate that a lot of abusers become so because they themselves have been victims of child sexual abuse.That is another one of our objectives with this project to break the victim-abuser cycle.

We plan to do this by reaching out to as many people as possible. We talk to schools, conduct workshops. So far we have conducted workshops in many prominent schools for the staff as well as parents, like, DPS Noida, Venkateswara International School Dwarka in Delhi. We have also conducted such programs in other cities such as Coimbatore, Bengaluru, Chennai.

We had a kiosk at the Army Baisakhi Mela, where we reached out to a huge section of the armed forces.

We are also distributing printed manuals on non-touch forms of CSA and till date, distributed them with the help of volunteers in many cities such as, Delhi, Jaipur, Chennai, Coimbatore, Bengaluru, Mumbai etc. in the country.

Our future plans in this project include holding a panel discussion by experts. And, with the help of volunteers we will soon be able to get the message across in many more creative ways.

As we are a non-funded NGO, we are relying heavily on the Community that we strive to serve.To be able to effectively put our plan into action we need two very important elements. One is creative and enthusiastic people who are willing to donate their time. And secondly, those who are unable to donate their time can always help us with fiscal support. We have come this far with the support of philanthropists who believe in our cause. As Robert Frost said, We have miles to go before we sleep.

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